Uew Examination board has finally released a statement to confirm the hybrid mode of the semester examination


The Uew examination board and management of the University of Education, Winneba has finally released a statement

to confirm the rumors that was spilling around campus that the examination

will be written on the basis of the hybrid mode of examination.

Uew has been a great campus and school because people love the school for a better

reason and also for the reason of good education given to the students by the lecturers. When you complete Uew,

you’ll see changes in your life the school transforms you into a better shape for the feature.

Uew has been a great institution and has been recognized both locally and internationally as well.

There was a recent rumor that the end of semester examination which will be conducted by the school will be written on the hybrid system.

This implies that some  of the courses for the end of semester examination

will be taken on both the LMS and the paper one.

As the outbreak of the coronavirus became rampant, the management of the university set

out a plan and some procedures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The virus first started from China and now has reached every corner of the world.

Because of the pandemic there were some laid down

procedure to engage in the hybrid

system of teaching and learning so as to facilitate

the learning and teaching method to help the institution.

Because of the plan taken by the institution, the students have also accepted the laid down procedures

because it is a wise decision taken by the school.


Ghanaian actor Boris has left the party early and this is so disheartening


because nobody said he should go early.


He said earlier that he had an appointment with one of the minsters of the state


and so could not stay in the party any longer.


Boris has been a very good actor


and has caused many to be entertained through his acting career as he believes that happiness


they say is found in what you do best


and let no one distract you because everyone deserves the better version of himself.


Boris has been a great motivator ever since he started with his


acting career, he has been motivating the youth with his story of the life matter


and this has got many wondering how a guy


from a poor family with no one to help him could rise to become such a prominent person like like that.


During his early days of acting as he narrates his story, he said that he met a girl


which helped changed his life because it was that girl that


helped him rise to he was today and aspires to be more of what he wants to be.


There was a party of which he attended and left earlier because he had an appointment at that.

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Uew Examination board has finally released a statement to confirm the hybrid mode of the semester examination

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