Uew is one of the best schools in Ghana


University of Education (Uew) has been one of the best schools in Ghana considering the infrastructures they have built so far.

They have been able to accumulate more buildings in other to aid learning and also help the students capture more of the lessons.

There have been buildings have been put up by the university in the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor called Rev. Paul Afful Broni who has been able to help the university.

At first, the university had small and limited infrastructures to aid the learning and teaching process which goes on in the school.

The students staged a demonstration against the limited buildings which could not help them study hard as they wanted to.

However, the students together with the student’s representative council (SRC) organized a demonstration to make it known to the management that they are suffering in terms of infrastructures.

The management addressed the issue and assured the students that they will do everything possible to help the students in terms of the building of infrastructures.

This has been a great initiative as they have been able to secure more buildings to aid the teaching and learning process.

We hope that this initiative helps the students to understand what they are being taught in order to build a better Ghana in the Future

Uew students portal was facing some challenges and that has been some challenges the university board was facing.

They have however managed to fix the port as students wanted to stage a demonstration.

They have wanted to make it known to the university boa that they are not pleased with the student portal.

The functioning of the portal was not well examined as they never understood how the portal is working.

This has been a great initiative as the school has solved some of its problems which were haunting the school.

The students have also heeded to what happened as it was also one of their biggest problems.

The university has sought to make things alright as the portal which was of their biggest problems is now functioning at full capacity.

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