Uew Students angry over operations of the student’s portal


Uew Students are angry over the operations of the student’s portal and this has been the most challenging situation the school is facing.

Uew has been a good school that is centered on making students profitable for teaching and learning.

They have been able to secure very vivd proof of how the portal is not working and how things are going.

The students however are planning of organizing a demonstration to show how angry they are with the management board of the university and how they are willing to stage a huge demonstration to call on the government to come to their aid.

However, when the demonstration comes on, the vice chancellor in the person of Afful Broni will be held accountable because he is the leadership of this great institution as the government has placed the affairs of the university into the hands of Afful to see to it that the day to day activities that are run into the school are good and are also profitable to the student’s body as well.

He is to ensure that things that goes on in the university are always dine right as people from around the world have eyes on the affairs of Ghana because they want to make a deal with the uew board but are seeking that the deal they want to make are in safe hands and will profit them in every way.

The schedule of the demonstration has been made as students are waiting patiently for the day the scheduled demonstration will come off.

Uew students have raised concerns on how the portal is being managed and its operations as some of the students still cannot see their results or even register for their last semester courses.

This has been a great challenge for the school as the Uew students are willing to stage a demonstration as a sign of raising their concern to the institution because it is really affecting their academic performance in a way.

The portal is the way students get to get to check their results after writing their exams.

Each student is given access to enter the portal and check out their performance in the previous exams so far.

Since the portal has not been functioning well, the students do not know the class they are in.

Uew students in leadership of the SRC are planning on organizing a demonstration to raise their concern to the management of the Uew.

There is the hope that the management will hear their roar and attend to them in great haste in order to make the portal function well.

Since students do not know the class they belong to, they are tempted to manipulate the ITs student’s portal in their own way.

We hope that the cry of the students will be heard and the management will seek to it that the portal is functioning fully to help the students..

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