Level 400 BBA Student Actualising Entrepreneurship Prowess


A student of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) who is now in level 400 and a majoring student of the Accounting program at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Mr. Justice Phinehas Gyesi, is really having a great strides and deals when it comes to  entrepreneurship.


Mr. Justice Phinehas Gyesi has officially set up his own business enterprise, Jephinko Ventures, which has been registered at the Registrar General’s Department on Monday, 24th February, 2020. Currently most of his businesses are being operated online as he owns a couple of business which fetches him more income.


Mr. Justice Phinehas Gyasi in all his life as a Student who is  into ‘agripreneurship’ and an entrepreneur  believes with all his might and power that his owner class mates or course Mates and other members of the society must always look good and business-like at all times. Justice Phinehas Gyesi uses his business to sell fashion items and Fabrics to his colleague students.

Speaking in an interview with UEW Media Relations, Mr. Gyesi disclosed that his decision to become an entrepreneur was largely motivated by the subjects and programmes he studied in school.

“The skills learnt in the classroom have improved my way of doing business and handling customers. I was also born and raised in a family of Farmers hence my interest in Agriculture too. I would recommend UEW to everyone who wants to get ahead in life and to receive the best training for his life.”