Uew Students shoot one of the best campus films in Ghana (Watch Teaser)


University of Education has been one of the best universities in Ghana since it was established.

Students are taught to be creative and also live the wonderful dream they plan to perceive through the knowledge and training they receive.

However, a group of students who have started living their wonderful dream and also pursuing what they know to be their future have come up with a wonderful campus film called SAVE ME.

A comment from Aaron Ramsey who has watched the teaser could give you goosebumps. He wrote

Arguably, this is the best short film UEW and GH has seen this year …#SAVE ME…”

The film was Written & Directed by Emmavic, produced by Team Up Multimedia.

Just a teaser, Official Trailer drops on July 30th (Friday), 6pm on YouTube @Team Up Multimedia. Kindly subscribe to get notified….Premiering Soon in UEW, Anticipate!!!



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