The leadership of the University Hall extends its warm greetings to the cherished members.

The Executive council wish to inform the student populance about the upcoming Unihall dinner nand awards night.
With regards to the awards, here are the various categories that the University Hall Students can pick nomination forms for.

➢ Outstanding executive of the year

➢ Unihall most influential student

➢ Unihall Outstanding personality (level 100)

➢ Unihall Outstanding personality (level 200)

➢ Unihall outstanding personality (level 300)

➢ Unihall Outstanding personality (level 400)

➢Unihall Student Male Entrepreneur

➢Unihall Student Female Entrepreneur

➢ Unihall artist of the year

➢ Male radio personality

➢ Female radio personality

➢ Best student MC/Host

➢ Best student DJ

➢ Best student Graphic designer

➢ Best student Blogger/writer

➢ Unihall Student Social Media Influencer

➢ Best student sports personality

➢ Best Fashion designer

➢ Best student Model

➢ Best student emerging musician

➢ Best couple of the year

➢ Best group of the year

➢ Best student foundation

➢ Best Dancer of the year

➢ Male entrepreneur of the year

➢ Female entrepreneur of the year

➢ Unihall most Fashionable male

➢ Unihall most fashionable female

➢ Unihall ambassador

➢ Unihall most popular student male

➢ Unihall most popular student female

➢ University hall most richest male

➢ Unihall most richest female

➢Unihall Outstanding Photographer of the year

Filling of Nomination :
•Start=5th august 2021
•Close=8th August 2021, 6am

•Start 8th August 2021, 11:59 pm
•Close 13th August , 11: 59 am

•Main Event : 14th August 2021 6pm

For more Info :

•Joseph Kwame (P.R.O) 0552638669
•Ampofo Owusu Kennedy (Intercom) 0247157937
•Odame Lisbon 0246246249

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