NLC Threatens to take UTAG back to court


The National Labour Commission NLC has issued a stern warning to take the University Teachers Association of Ghana UTAG to court for failing to obey the injunction it brought up to secure its strike.

The University Teachers Association Of Ghana UTAG began its strike on Monday, 4th August as a communique to the government over the poor services the government provides for them.

However, the UTAG claims that since 2012 the salary of University Teachers have not been increased and by so some University Teachers take as low as Gh4,000 a month which is very less for their consumption as they provide more services to the University community.

The National Labour Commission NLC on Friday was able to secure an injunction from the Accra High Court following the UTAG strike to suspend its ongoing strike. The injunction was proposed to be lasting for 10 days in other to settle what they are requesting.

The Executive  Secretary of the NLC, Mr Ofosu Asamoah in an interview with JoyNews said that the commission is ready to take the University Association of Ghana back to court on August 10 to seek compliance and also punitive action against the UTAG for failing to obey the order of the court.

“If the court has spoken and the party decides to defy the orders of the court, the best decides to defy the orders of the court, the best thing is to take the person to court. we are going to seek compliance and punitive actions for defying a court order. “We will be citing them for contempt, so if the court finds them guilty of contempt, then the court will apply the sanctions it wants”, he said.