Concerned students of Uew outlines reason why the SRC vetting results must be nullified


A group of Uew students have petitioned the electoral commission of the students representative council SRC of Uew over the results of the vetting.

In the petition they outlined several reasons why they think the results should nullified.

Below is the petition;

On Wednesday 11th August, 2021 evening around 8pm, the vetting committee of the UEW-SRC led by the EC chairperson Manaf Abdullah released their results. They’ve really done well by going through all these stress to come out with SRC candidates whom we should vote. To be honest with you, this results should by nullified. Why?

First of all, we are in a discourse community whereby we deal with intellectuality and facts. The vetting itself was done in August. How can one document bare two dates? First 4 pages of the document bears 11th August, 2021 as the date of release whilst page 8 of this same document is dated 17th, July, 2021. Let’s be specific here. One document bearing two different dates and you want the student populace to accept this. Mr EC chair, can you go back and come again with this your wack, cooked and already planned results?

Secondly, EMMANUEL AGYEI BADU who is a potential SRC presidential aspirant also collapsed when he was going to take his seat to be vetted and was rushed to the hospital for treatment due to small health misconduct. It is stated in the results that EMMANUEL AGYEI BADU was disqualified because he couldn’t meet the required mark. How possible can you come out with this? Was the guy vetted? Or is the EC chair going to tell the entire UEW students that they went to vet the guy on the sickbed? This is so strange. How can I obtain a mark in an exam I couldn’t take part? Mr EC chair, can you come out with vivid explanation with respect to that?

Again, it pains me a lot that leaders are now serving their interest and not that of the main reason why they are occupying a given portfolio. We all witnessed the vetting. We saw how the candidates performed. We can access them too even though you the EC have been officially mandated to do so because of the trust we have in you. Seriously you have disappointed the students and you need not to handle any position on campus again. RAYNOFF JERRY HOFMANN delivered best more than ISAAC MORRISON. How come Morrison has qualified leaving Jerry behind. Are you trying to confirm the rumors going round that the current SRC president is the one pushing Morrison to occupy the post after him? We believed this to be childish when we all heard but it looks like you are trying to make us believe what we are hearing.

The SRC president being a political science student attended a POSSA meeting just this semester and pronounced onto the POSSA members to support their own in the forthcoming elections. We never understood why he said that because two people were coming from the same department and you as the SRC president, you are telling us to support our own. Who among them should we support? This the SRC president said became a headache to most POSSA members until today. It looks like we now getting the angle he was talking from. With this we can categorically state it clear that the rumors we were hearing were really true.

And if these rumors are really true, we will be very disappointed in the SRC president. This is because, since you attained office as the SRC president, there’s nothing you can boast of that you have done. Are you going to talk about the wood bridges you’ve renovated along the route linking Faculty and AyigyLodgegde? Are you also going to boast of the 3 lover-benches you’ve renovated? Kindly give us a break if those are what you are going to boast of. You promised a lot during your campaign and none, absolutely nothing has been done. Instead of seeing see to it that free and fair elections are done at least to protect your integrity, you rather want to serve your interest again in the forthcoming elections. Seriously you are becoming a disgrace to POSSA members. Now, some of the members of POSSA even feel shy to talk POSSA when in public.

Mr. EC chair, can you come out and address the student body of UEW? If there’s something you need to categorically state in regards to the disqualification of other aspirants, kindly do so before it is late.

With these stated points, we the concerned students of thur noble institution are calling for the nullification of the SRC vetting results. It is clearly showing that the results have already been cooked and planned even before the vetting took place.

We hope this petition reaches the SRC president and his EC.

Thank You!!!