Jerry Hoffman rejects vetting results of SRC electoral commission; files a petition to court for a review


SRC presidential aspirant Jerry Hoffman has filed a petition to court concerning the result of the just released SRC electoral commission vetting.

However, Jerry Hoffman and his team believes that the vetting was rigged and this was as a result of their candidate posing a threat to the outcome of the students election.

Therefore, they filed a petition to court for a review of the vetting results and hopes justice will be served

The message from Jerry Hoffman and his team came as:

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DATE: *12th, AUGUST 2021.
Warm greetings to everyone.

We have observed a bizarre, cooked, spurious, daylight robbery, and politically colorized SRC presidential vetting result of a record time in the 21st Century where a vetting committee unanimously decided to disqualify a potential and students choice SRC presidential candidate HOFFMAN RAYNOLF JERRY through hanky panky means ostensibly for fear of this candidate becoming an eventual winner of the SRC presidential election

Consequently, Hoffman Raynolf Jerry and his team rejects these massaged vetting results because the claim by the Vetting committee that Mr.Jerry failed to meet the threshold 50% or more of the “C.I 21” for the conduct 2021-2022 SRC General Election for approval which led to his unjustifiable disqualification is tenuous and doesn’t reflect the splendid effort displayed by Jerry during the vetting and It only corroborates the committee’s grand scheme to rig the vetting results and so we have initiated steps to contest this results legally through filing of petition to the appropriate election dispute resolution structures within the university as soon as possible, however, when we exhaust all these structures and justice is not served then we shall reconsider our next possible line of action.

We have learned that the EC boss was under intense pressure to disqualify Mr. Jerry in fulfillment of a leader whose unbridled desire is to build a dynasty in students politics so that even though in principle he will not be in power, yet he will have serious influence in students politics and so sensing Mr. Jerry’s candidacy poses a serious threat to their preferred but out-of-favour presidential candidate hence their inconsiderate decision to disqualify him

We are only concerned on grounds that these conspirators have studied the atmosphere on campus so far and realized that students are not following their activities with keen interest hence their connivance to suppress the sovereign will of the people which some of us will not grovel to that gimmicks.

We only sending strong caution to the SRC EC and his accomplices that they have opened pandora’s box and they should take immediate steps to rescind this backward decision and come out with vetting results that reflect the efforts of all the SRC Presidential candidates.

We are not oblivious of the series of UEW-SRC electoral litigation historical antecedents which we don’t want to repeat it but if this EC wants to witness the imposition of injunction on our electoral process, we are ready to proceed on that tangent without any hesitation.

A word to a wise is enough.

We thank you for your attention.




  1. Jerry Hoffman must come back. This is the constitutional means to follow to. Throughly the vetting was rigged

  2. How can someone who did his possible best to answer all his questions during the vetting and has a maximum followers be disqualified just in a twinkle of an eye....It can't be possible Jerry or No voting 💯

    How can someone who did t

  3. Jerry was very stupid to admit that his CV shouldn’t be vetted

    And his Vice President admitted that, they presented a fake document to the vetting committee, how can u pass through vetting with such a character

    He’s just worsening his case !! Well, we wish him well

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