Song bird Entertainment trends on Uew campus


Entertainment has been one of the standing block of University of Education, Winneba as students love to entertain themselves to keep them focus on their academic works.

There is a saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a full boy”, this saying shows that students must entertain themselves in order to release stress and also keep them focused on their academic works.

One of the coolest entertainment niche students prefer is the Music entertainment. It is believed that Music keeps humans focused and also releases them from any stress. It also triggers their emotions to build capacity for their horizon.

However, a record label which was founder in Tema with the leadership of George Azure has been launched in Winneba. They manage two artists called Otudajay and King Cudjoe who are the two greatest Artists in Tema.

Song bird Entertainment focuses on Music entertainment with the goal of bringing quality music in Winneba to entertain students.