Concerned students of Ghana appeals to government to reconsider the proposals of UTAG


University students of Ghana have appealed to the government to seek to the needs of the University Teachers Association of Ghana UTAG.

This comes as a result of the declaration of strike on the 2nd of August by the Teacher Union.

The UTAG has it that the government has refused to comply with the agreed salary level it was supposed to provide since 2012.

However, a group of students of Uew who are aggrieved by the ongoing strike has outlined several reasons why the government should consider the appeal of the UTAG.

This is the letter to the government;



We want to thank our membership for taking this bold step to support the agenda *# End UTAG Strike Now.* All credible voices are silent on this issue of National concern. Though we respect our student leadership i.e NUGS, SRC and USAG, we are tired of their constant silence. Below are our concerns:

1. We have been on campus for the past two and half weeks without teaching learning and its related activities

2. We have exhausted our food stuffs.

3. Continuing students’ exams have been suspended.

4. Final year students’ are stranded as a result of the strike. They do not know when to write their final exams. Their National Service calendar has almost been distorted.

5. We hoped that the court could bring an encouraging outcome but to our dismay, it was adjourned thereby keeping students in suspense.

6. The court slapped our lecturers again with a ¢3,000.00 debt.

7. The court advised the two parties (NLC & UTAG) to seek out of court settlement and both of them agreed.

8. We are very sure that our lecturers are willing to resume work if the National Labour Commission (NLC) agrees to do the needful due them [our lecturers]

9. We want to use this platform to beg the government to feel pity for us (students) and settle this matter with utmost urgency. See us as your own children suffering in school and consider us worthy.

10. What wrong have we done to deserve all these tribulations, oh government?

11. Our last resort would be a street protest. We would not hesitate to launch a demonstration against government if we continue to stay on campus without any thing aside eating and drinking.

*#EndUTAGStrikwNow* !

*Leader:* *_Paul Ayuonga (Agbigim Gbaung), University of Education, Winneba_*