Political Science Students Association (POSSA) Accuses SRC President for manipulating the vetting committee to disqualify all candidate from the department


The Political Science Students Association POSSA have accused the current Student Representative Council SRC president, Sir Reuben of manipulating the vetting committee to disqualify all the SRC presidential aspirants from the department.

They also accused him of having the agenda of pushing his own candidate, Morrison to become the next SRC president.

This is their message to the entire student populace



It has been drawn to our attention that some members of our association are following their whims and caprices to install plans for the entire Association. And, undoubtedly, we are fully aware of that. And, objectionably, we are not going to root up to that.

POSSA is bigger than the whimsical and parochial interest of some [greedy] few.

We are [all] for POSSA, not for one personality. You were the same [group of] people who brought the idea of supporting any member from our association who is going to vie for any portfolio, however, that was a great decision but then when you got there, you neglected the department and continuously disrespected it’s members even to the extent of asking the security to drive away our PRESIDENT at one of LA meetings.

You manipulated the vetting committee to disqualify all the candidates from the department who were not ready to condone with your incompetent and shoddy activities in order to pave way for your boy.

POSSA is bigger than you and your cohorts hence, you cannot impose your candidate on us. We have come to realize that, voting on departmental line is just a mirage and does not reflect it’s intended purposes. Therefore, we are going to vote for competence, integrity, fairness, humility, tolerance and many more and do away with this departmental unpopular voting.

The person you are bringing on board is not our candidate. He is not the choice of the masses, we cannot win this election. You have even annoyed the people more by manipulating the system for him. *WE SHALL NOT VOTE FOR HIM BECAUSE HE IS INCOMPETENT, A DICTATOR AND AN AUTHORITARIAN.*

I urge all members of POSSA to come under the same umbrella and push out this unpopular idea from the few. We all matter, *LET US RESCUE POSSA from the hands of a few*



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