Uew deserves a better SRC president, James Abanga Sulemana writes


I have always stayed back to observe how students parade themselves, especially, for the position of the SRC President and I ask myself when will this change? It is like years after years the story changes from worse to worse. As a level 400 students one would ask why I’m so passionate this time and my simple answer would be that whether I like it or not, I will have my certificate from this university.

Have you thought about this? How many times have we seen our SRC Presidents on the various national television stations like the other universities? Is it that they are not called upon or they reject the calling?

We have set the standard too low and it is about time we put all things aside and assessed these candidates before we vote for them. Indeed, UEW deserves better leadership.

Though I was not at the vetting but reports from students indicated that most of the aspirants did not perform at all and some who were a bit above average were even disqualified leaving those who could not even speak in front of students panel. How then can they speak for students when they meet management?

I am leaving this University soon, but I would plead with every student especially my colleague level 400 to please help so that we select the right leaders as we leave.

Please let us follow these candidates beyond policies. How many times have we not got policies and promises but at the end we were all deceived. Some would have the best policies but they would not be able to bring it into being because they lack what it takes for them to do it. There are others who would promise less but at the end do more.

Choose competency first, and together with our help we can make the changes we wish to see. I have assessed all the presidential candidates through my encounter with all three (3) and if you had done same, you would obviously see through what I’m seeing and you would see that one of the candidate by far carries weight than the others.

How I had wished this presidential debate would come on so the students could bear with me what I am saying. It’s like we take things for granted too much and we have to change from that if we really want the best for students.

I repeat, UEW deserves a better leader who can also represent us outside this University. Aaaaaba.

Please do your personal assessment on all 3 presidential candidates and I know you would come into agreement with me. Thank you.

James Abanga Sulemana.
Mathematics Department
Level 400