We need our results now: concerned University students of Ghana, Uew branch petitions Uew management board for results




*Concerned University Students of Ghana, UEW Branch*

We extend our utmost greetings to Management of the University of Education, Winneba

1. It is indeed a high time we are kept in suspense waiting for our results

2 When we raised concerns about it last semester, we were assured that Management is still working on it and that as and when it is ready, we would know

3. We have waited for almost the whole of the academic year but we have not heard from Management

4. Level 300 Students are almost at the exit point of the University but they do not know their CGPA. It is worrisome. What if some of them have issues that might require them to write supplementary exams before graduation?

5. Some parents would not understand our efforts to explain to them that we do not know our CGPA as we stand. They think we are not performing well and in turn hiding our results from them

6.Some students have lost scholarship opportunities because they do not have any result(s) to determine their GPA

7. Students are learning in limbo. We do not know whether we are progressing or regressing. We need to know our academic performance

8. We plead that our results be pasted on our traditional notice boards for us while the IT unit still works on the portal issue.
Thank you

Paul Ayuonga, Leader of Concerned University Students,
Department of English Education, Level 300


  1. Even some of us still have problems of last semester course registration. It’s indeed pitiful that we are just walking around in the school. It will be very good if at end of semester or academic year, the portal would be so that anyone with problem will get it solved

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