“Faculty of science deserves better”: Payback time as supporters of Abrante3 urge faculty of science members to vote for Abrante3 (See reason)


The University of Education, Winneba UEW students elections have begun and as a matter of fact the elections are being run smoothly.

The Student Representative Council SRC electoral commission commenced electoral activities on Tuesday, 7th September 2021.

The Dean of students suspend all electoral activities following the University Teachers Association of Ghana UTAG strike which was declared on 2nd August.

However, the Student Representative Council presidential election is tomorrow which has got the candidates work hard to win the hearts of students to elect them as leaders.

The supporters of SRC Presidential aspirant Abrante3 has urged the faculty of science members to vote in favour of him.

The reason being that, the faculty of science members have blamed the Business school members of being departmental when it comes to electing leaders

They said that the Business school would always want to elect leaders from their department.

As so, they have thrown their support for Abrante3 because his Vice is from the Faculty of science.

A chitchat with some of the faculty of science members supported the agenda while others made it clear that leadership is not in the faculty people belong to.

They explained further that the ability of one to hold himself to an high esteem on the grounds of the position when given the mandate should be considered.

Moreover, when a student is chosen from the faculty, they represent the school not the faculty that is why leaders are elected from each faculty”, they added

Also, those who comprehended on the idea believed that when a leader is chosen from the faculty it can serve as form of honour to the faculty.