Fire at South Campus as supporters of Abrante3 chant his name in “jamma” hoping to win the elections (Video)


The University of Education, Winneba South Campus is on fire for Abrante3 as his supporters chant his name in jamma.

The UEW Students Representative Council SRC elections came off today as it has been successfully conducted.

The electoral commission elections have been on a tough time with the supporters of each SRC Presidential aspirant chanting for their name hoping to win.

However, Abrante3 as an presidential aspirant has taken over South Campus which happened to be the strong hold of Silas Abankwa with about 200+ votes

The faculty of science members declared their support for Abrante3 as the election approached and this has been the reasons why they came in their numbers to vote massively for Abrante3.

Since the total votes casted for Abrante3 at the South Campus supercedes that of Silas Abankwa, the supporters of Abrante3 believes that he will win the elections.

In a video seen by Uewconnect, the supporters of Abrante3 are seen in a jamma song chanting for win in a happy moment.

Watch the video;