“The Students believe in me to deliver for them”; last words of Abrante3 before his victory in the 2021/2022 Uew SRC Presidential elections (AUDIO)


University of Education, Winneba UEW Students Representative Council SRC President-elect, Felix Donkor (Abrante3) has made a stunning comment on the love shown to him by the students to win the SRC presidential elections.

Abrante3 started his campaign very early as the semester begun and won the hearts of many students.

He was elected president of the Students Representative Council SRC and will be the mediator between the students and the management board of Uew.

In an Audio, Abrante3 explained how popular he was in his previous days while in SHS and College of Education because he could deliver his promises to the students.

Shockingly, he said that he has no campaign team and as such everyone supported his vision because he sacrificed for them.

The Abrante3’s name was on the lip of almost every student on campus and this showed how he had won the heart of many.

Prior to his delivery on the campaign promises, he promised to deliver with every might.

Listen to the Audio below


  1. _To the newly elected (SRC)._
    When you people stepped out it, was the call from the Lord for you to lead us, and for that matter students of the University of Education, Winneba.
    Until we step out to do what was expected of us, that was to vote for you people into the various positions, the student’s fraternity has allegiance to you all and welcomed you as their leaders at this crucial point.
    I believe and know the SRC may have lost some prominent leadership for a long time and the council has been on the verge of poor leadership in recent years. Yet, in Felix Donkor (Abrante3), we the students put on trust in you as a reliable leader to be.
    We, your followers see you as a dedicated leader and when you do as expected of you, it’ll encourage us to dedicate ourselves to you anytime you call on us.
    You being a student and in the school community knows what is going on in the community that is inflated hostel fees, landlords, and landladies treating students bad, students Portal not function properly, WIFI not function in some of the campuses, and so on. We charge you to deliver even if not 90%, 70% of your promises should be achieved.
    Congratulations once again.
    I ask God’s protection, Divine Grace wisdom, and direction for this course.
    _Long live Abrante3, Long live SRC Long Live UEW_ .

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