Uew Dean of students affairs meets with Landlords and hostel managers Association to discuss hostel prices


Today, 13th September, 2021, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs and the SRC- UEW had a meeting with Landlords and Hostel Managers Association.

The Dean first thanked the Landlords for honouring our invitation and lauded their readiness and willingness to accommodate our students for the two weeks extension.

The meeting was the first of its kind in recent times and it was meant to familiarize with one another. There was the need to engage each other since we all depend on each other for survival.

During the interactive session we got to know that there was a booklet that contains names of major hostels here in Winneba and their categorization. Mr. Inkoom Godsent of Face Two hostel reported which was corroborated by the secretary to landlords and hostel Owners Association, Mr. Fredrick Amoako.

With the categorization, say A, B, C and D pricing of the hostels were also determined by the facilities available.

We also realised that some students have also turned themselves into agents and they are duping the students.

Some landlords also take money from students and promise to fix some facilities for them. But they will never fix it.


We all agree that before hostels are given out to students there should be a contractual agreement signed by both parties spelling out clearly the rules and regulations of the hostel. These rules shall be harmonized to be applicable to each hostel.

The Office of the Dean of Students shall create a desk to be responsible for students outside campus. Landlords shall channel their grievances through this desk for a redress without necessary reporting our students to the police should they misbehave and vice versa.

Hostels shall be published on the University Website detailing their names, facilities available, contact numbers and mode of payment in the interim whilst the SRC worked on hostel app to lump together all the recognised hostels.

Hostel Owners and Landlords Association shall be invited to orient freshers during orientation period.

Hostels shall be categorised in order to check their pricing and ensure our constituents are in a decent environment.

No student should be an agent. Such students should be reported quickly to the Dean’s Office for action.

With this, we hope to have several engagements with the Landlords and Hostel Owners Association to ensure by the end our constituents become the optimal beneficiaries.


  1. Good job! That’s a good move, this will help spell out those who don’t have a well furnished hostels reduce their prices. Also those with well furnished hostel should be given a cut of price because you can’t be staying in a hostel for about eight months and be paying 3,000 and above of which electricity ill is not included, we are student not employers.
    Also, most of the landlord used to cheat the students especially the freshers when they are in need of accommodation badly, please check all this because without the student their facilities will useless .

  2. Good morning.I think it’s 19th September now but we have not still seen the published names of hostels and their prices. Please we are hoping to see the said agenda in paragraph 10.
    My humble appeal.
    Thank you.

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