Uew level 300 students worried over unknown GPA; petitions current SRC to help solve the portal issues as they go for internship


The level 300 students of University of Education, Winneba UEW have petitioned the current Students Representative Council SRC with the leadership of H.E Felix Donkor (Abrante3) to help solve the portal issues.

The Portal as we all know have not being functioning for a couple of years with reasons unknown.

The Portal was supposed to be the secret door to every student in Uew in terms of academics.

However, because of it’s malfunction, students are left stranded as the results of some previously written semester examinations are unknown.

As it stands, students do not know the Grade Point Average (GPA) of their stay in the University.

Several pleas to authorities have yielded some results as the portal has somewhat being fixed.

The level 300 students have petitioned the SRC president-elect, H. E Felix Donkor to do his possible best to make the portal fully operative again and also the GPA of every student being known to him or her as they go for internship.



  1. This is serious issue oooh. Please solve this portal problem for as. We beg of you. Some of as will be using the results to fill a scholarship form within first week of october. Please 😭😭

  2. It is really a shame to the management of UEW, I doubt wether they really understand the importance of students assessment feedback. Imagine going through six semesters but still can’t tell the results you have in semester one? If not in UEW hmm!!!

  3. I missed out on some scholarship opportunities simply because I could not access my result. What sort of administration is this?

  4. His excellency elect, please try and do something about our results.We cannot be writing exams without seeing or knowing our performance. I can’t even believe this “university”… Then if that’s the case then there’s no need for us to write an exams. I stand to be corrected if any

  5. Please with all due respect the management in charge of portal issues in UEW should check and fix it for us ,it really serious and sad to know that from level 100 to 300 we have not set eyes on our results. Is there anything we have not done right as students and for that reason we are are being paid with this? I see this as a punishment because for 6 good semisters? Is a serious headache to the student body. I plead that the authorities see to it that this problem is solve before school resumes next semester. Else it will be difficult to recommend this institution to others.I hope the SRC will vomit out some of this problems on behalf of the students body.

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