Uew SRC President, Felix Donkor (Abrante3) appoints Shadrach Appiah as 2021/2022 SRC PRO


Shadrach Appiah has been appointed by the President of the Students Representative Council SRC of the University of Education, Winneba UEW as the Public Relations Officer PRO for 2021/2022 academic year.

It was reported earlier that H. E Felix Donkor was set to release the list of appointees from his team to work with.

However, the list of appointees has been unfolded beginning with Shadrach Appiah as the SRC PRO.

Shadrach Appiah is a level 400 B.A (Economics Education) student. H.E Felix Donkor (Abrante3) as a man of vision believes that the nomination of Shadrach Appiah to be the SRC PRO will surely help his administration.

Shadrach Appiah nominated as the SRC PRO is expected to manage the reputation of the administration of the SRC president.

Moreover, he is to write press releases, deal with press inquiries, and sometimes manage crises. His job could include writing and editing leaflets, brochures, press releases, speeches, newsletters, websites, and social media.

We believe that Shadrach Appiah will have a greater impact on the administration of H. E Felix Donkor (Abrante3) in fulfilling his campaign promises and beyond.


Source: uewconnect.net