It will be very difficult to recommend this institution to others if the portal is not fixed by next semester- UEW student says


The Portal issue has been one of the biggest problems for University of Education, Winneba (UEW) students.

The portal is the means by which students can access their results whenever there is an end of semester examinations.

However, it has been quite some time now since the portal stopped operating. Several pleas to the management board to fix the portal issues have yielded no results.

The management of the University has also addressed students on the portal issues through the Students Representative Council SRC in a statement they released not long ago.

They revealed how they are working towards the full operation of the portal and urged students to remain calm.

A comment made by one student on this portal issue is very serious and also very true.

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She said that it is very difficult to recommend other people to apply for this institution if they do not solve the portal issues by next semester.

The portal has made people lose scholarships and other opportunities since the results are requested for when going for an interview.

She lamented that after 6 semesters, students have not set their eyes on their results and this a very serious problem management should consider.