Guidelines on how Uew students can access their transcripts in the ITS Student’s Portal


A student portal is an online gateway where students can log into a school website to access important program information

I kindly write to bring to your notice on the update of the UEW ITS STUDENTS PORTAL.

In order to see your academic transcript, kindly follow the following steps outlaid below;


✓ Visit the school’s site through the link

✓ Click on ITS Student Portal

✓ Login with your Student ID Number and your 5 digit pin

✓ Click on the three-lined icon at the top right of the interface

✓ A menu appears with a heading of Student Web, you will see there is a new option named Student Enquiry

✓ Select Student Enquiry and choose either Academic Record (JASPER) or Alternative Progress Report @ qual and GPA

This will give you your academic transcript which you can download for future preference

I wish this piece of information would be useful to you all.

Thank you!☺️