Uew ITS Students Portal, how students can access their results


Uew ITS students Portal has been the platform where information about each Uew student can be accessed. Since the end of the semester, lecturers have been dropping results in the portal.

When it comes to portal issues, there are a lot of difficulties when you want to access particular information on it.

The Uew ITS Students Portal of Uew is the platform on the School’s website where students access their personal information.

The Portal captures every student and his or her information which he or she provided when applying for admission.

After being admitted, the Portal becomes the platform where each student accesses his or her information including payment of school fees, End of examination results, etc.

Lecturers have started releasing the end of examination results in the Portal for students to access their results.

However, since there are difficulties when trying to access particular information on ITS Student’s Portal several steps have been outlined by uewconnect for easy accessing of the end of semester examination results.

1. Visit the school website through Uew.edu.gh

2. Click the ITS Student’s Portal from the menu listed above.

3. Type in your index number and pin to log in to the Portal.

4. Click or tap on the three horizontal lines which have been vertically arranged at the top right corner to access the menu.

5. From the popped-up list, select students enquiry from among the list of Menus seen.

6. Select academic record (JASPER) from among the list and wait for your results to load

Note: Use any browser apart from Google Chrome. Do not use Google Chrome

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