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The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has been one of the great institutions in Ghana

It was established in September, 1992 as a University College under PNDC Law 322. On 14th May, 2004 the University of Education Act, Act 672 was enacted to upgrade the status of the University College of Education of Winneba to the status of a full University.

The University College of Education of Winneba brought together seven diploma awarding colleges located in different towns under one umbrella institution.

These Colleges were the Advanced Teacher Training College, the Specialist Training College and the National Academy of Music, all at Winneba; the School of Ghana Languages, Ajumako; the College of Special Education, Akwapim-Mampong; the Advanced Technical Training College, Kumasi; and the St. Andrews Agricultural Training College, Mampong-Ashanti.

The three sites in Winneba now referred to as the Winneba campus is the seat of the Vice-Chancellor with a satellite campus at Ajumako.

Uewconnect writes that according to the statement made by the acting vice-chancellor, Professor Andy Ofori-Birikorang, he said that

I can say with pride in me that in the last four years a lot has been achieved. The free Senior High School education was to be implemented which meant that within the year that the students would be in school which was by 2020, these students will be coming to the university, and because of its free nature we all acknowledge the fact that hundreds of thousands of Ghanaian students had access to the free education. Therefore all universities had to make plans to absorb as many as they could, these students who were going to graduate in 2020. Again guided by the vision of the Uew vice-chancellor and supported by the governing council, this university in the last two years especially put up a lot of strategic infrastructures.

The Vice-chancellor supported by the governing council of the university made it possible that the infrastructural projects were completed on time to be used for the purpose for which they were built for and that is why you will see most of the infrastructures nicely furnished.

The University has been able to achieve these goals within a stipulated amount of time to meet the needs for which they were built.

Many Ghanaian students have now the ability to access free education and for that many buildings had to be set up to contain them.

More lecture theatres, libraries hostels are being built to accommodate students.

Furthermore, the University has employed more qualified lecturers to see to it that the academic needs of the students have been met.

According to statistics made on the performance of students, about 70% depended on the teachers.

For this, qualified lecturers are needed at every university to see to that students are well equipped with the knowledge and the practicality of the knowledge they have consumed.

It is therefore very important that students be impacted by high learned lecturers who are skillful and well equipped with knowledge.

The University has several strategies which help students gain easy information across all platforms.

WIfI is provided for students to aid their research works and also help them with any information they want to access online.

University of Education, Winneba UEW is a very great institution that trains students to be better leaders, parents, teachers, etc. which in turn helps the nation at large.

Discipline is a key mandate every student must be equipped with before he or she completes his or her program.

It is therefore advisable to be able to have a study program at the University of Education, Winneba.

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