UEW seeks government’s support to help resolve its accommodation challenges on campus


The University of Education, Winneba (UEW), has sorted the help of the government to resolve its accommodation challenges as it has become a problem for both staff and students.

According to the university, the prices of hostel and accommodation in the Winneba municipal, it has skyrocketed with the poor condition of housing has really become a challenge the government needs to come to their aid

Speaking at the University’s 26th Graduation which was held at the Jophus Anamoah conference center, a member of the council of the university called on the government to continue with the abandoned hostels which were built by the former vice-chancellor

In the year under review, the University introduced 62 new academic programs.

The programs which were introduced by the university revealed the vision behind the expansion of the institution in other to accommodate students and staff as part of the plans made by the university.

Dr. Abena Asomaning Antwi called on the government in her speech at the graduation ceremony to come to their aid in continuing with the abandoned hostels as part of the challenges currently faced by the university.

“The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) continues to ask the government for assistance in resolving its accommodation challenges. The University, for some time now, has been unable to accommodate a large number of students and staff. Unfortunately, some landlords in Winneba and its environs are charging exorbitant rates for accommodation,” she explained.

She added that what should best be done for students is to continue with projects on hostels. Some of the conditions of hostels around the Winneba municipality are not even conducive for learning.

Dr. Abena Asomaning Antwi said that all these are grouse challenges that need the intervention of the government to help secure safer accommodation for both students and staff by continuing with the projects being started.

She stated that the university has afforded more hostels which has created a gap because they have come to a standstill. She added that their projects need to be completed by the government

Aside from calling on the government, she also called on estate developers and other agencies to partner with the University of Education Winneba UEW in other to provide decent hostels for both students and staff to be comfortable with their stay in the university.

Acting Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof Andy Ofori Birikorang revealed as one of his pursuits as a leader handling the affairs of the university that he will see to it whatever it takes for peace and unity for staff and students is executed.

He added that until what he has envisioned are executed he will not rest. Peace and unity are what is needed for academic activities to take place and what must be done have to be done.

“Since I was notified to act as the leader of this academic community, my major preoccupation has been to deepen the process of reconciliation, inclusion, and healing at our university in a very progressive and pragmatic manner,” he assured.

Prof. Andy Ofori Birikorang is convinced that the collective resources that the university has are what will create peace and unity among students and staff and this should not be taken lightly. He believes that togetherness is what promotes the vision of the school.

He said, “We, therefore, are determined to foster an atmosphere of peace and harmony in furtherance of the development of our Universityrsity.

The University of Education, Winneba, UEW, in its inclusion education drive has established a braille library and resourced it for the visually impaired students of the University which will help the disability students have access to current resources which will be build them.

Source: uewconnect.net