Admission is the process where schools admit new students who are interested in pursuing a program to attain a degree in the program they choose. Well, a degree is a certificate that certifies that an individual has completed a full program he chose. The pursue of a degree in every university has a 4 year study time to pursue the program chosen.

This is just, by the way, let’s dive into answering what Uew Admission Portal is. Uew Admission Portal is the area on the school’s website where the admission status of applicants is checked. The admission portal contains all the resources needed for a successful admission process.

Like I said earlier, every institution has a time frame to admit new students who are interested to pursue a program they desire. University of Education, Winneba UEW offers such a beautiful experience through the educational life of a student.

University of Education, Winneba continues to be one of the best schools in Ghana specifically training students to be responsible teachers for the betterment of the society and the country at large.

Admission for applicants starts between the months of March and September. University of Education, Winneba UEW starts to sell their application forms between these two months. The applicant forms contain the necessary information needed by every university as a form of identifying your personality.

After the time period for an opened window of application for admission, the admission starts a week after the window for application has been shut. Applicants are expected to provide their necessary information to the university while applying for admission.

When the admission starts, the details of the admission progress of applicants are provided by the university on their website. A link is presented to applicants to log in personally and check their admission status. In other to be able to check your admission status, you’d need your applicant number and your pin.

Students are expected to be both patient and skeptical when dealing with admission because it might bypass them if care is not taken.


After a successful admission, the University of Education, Winneba UEW, a tall list of students who were admitted are present to applicants to verify if their names have appeared in the list. This list shows that any applicant who applied for admission has either been accepted or rejected.

In some cases, there could be a situation where the name of an applicant did not appear in the admission list but yet still has been admitted. In this situation, the best advice is to visit the school for assistance or call 0332322139 for assistance.

The UEW admission list, however, shows students who have been admitted to pursue a program of their choice at the University. Another link will be provided to the successful applicants which allow them to download their admission letters.

It is very important that an applicant will be on the list since it spells out successful applicants who have been admitted into the university.


After the university has provided the list of students who were successfully admitted, an admission letter is provided by the university to each student which certifies that one has been admitted to pursue the program he chose while applying for admission.

At this stage, students get stranded while they wait for their admission. Over the years they have been some challenges applicants face when they want to access their admission letters. At this stage, applicants should exercise patience while seeking information on whether they have released the letters.

The UEW admission letters most of the times delay which gets applicants wondering whether they have been admitted or not. Applicants should exercise patience and visit the school’s website most of the time to be abreast with information about the release of the admission letters.


Over the years the University of Education, WInneba has been changing the mode through which the admission letters are issued to applicants. There was a new mode where the school issued the admission letters to successful applicants through the postal code.

Most of the time it is done through a link provided by the university where you enter the link and type in your applicant number and your pin in the spaces provided. The new mode was through the postal code where the admission letters are sent by the university through the post office box you provided while applying for admission.


The UEW admission portal is the area provided by the university to check the admission status of an applicant. It is very important to pay attention to the process of admission in other not to skip any important step.