There are a lot of questions that circulate about the cut-off point for UEW. This happens when the time for the University of Education, Winneba has opened its admissions for applicants to apply. Every university in Ghana has a specific cut-off point for its applicant depending on the program of interest to the applicant.

The cut-off point for the university of education, Winneba UEW is the grade point that shows whether an applicant is qualified to pursue the program of his or her choice or not. Like I said earlier every university including UEW has a specific target of grades for every applicant where they should hit in other to be accepted into the program they chose while applying for admission. It is therefore very important for applicants to check whether the grades they had corresponds to the grade requirement of the university before applying.

The University of Education, Winneba UEW is best known for training students to become responsible adults in the future. There is therefore the need for every applicant to have a sense of self-discipline which in other words is interpreted by the university through the grades you had during your days in either Senior High School or Teacher Training.

Well, your grades also represent you when applying for admission since the staff in the university working on the admission forms do not know every individual who chose to apply for a program in the university. All these counts as very resourceful when applying for admission.

At the University of Education, Winneba every particular program has its cut-off point needed to pursue the program you chose. In one of the articles I wrote about (HOW TO EASILY GAIN ADMISSION INTO UEW), I showed applicants how they should go about knowing the program they are applying for. This act of making inquiries will make your application safe. Well, I’d have to say it again because it is some of the mistakes applicants do while applying for admission.

When you have bought the admission form ready to fill out the information provided by the university, you have to be very careful about the program you want to choose. This will grant you a sense of self-confidence that your application form is in good hands since you have fulfilled all the necessary requirements of the university. This will even make it hard for your admission to be rejected.

The problem most applicants do while applying for admission is that they do not know the cut-off point the university has set out. Every program has its affiliated cut-off point and this should be checked out before applying. Below is the list of programs and their affiliated cut-off point provided by the university.

PROGRAMS                                                                                   CUT-OFF POINT


Bachelor of Science in Administration-Distance Education                          26

Bachelor of Arts- Distance Education                                                       30

Bachelor of Science in Education                                                             24

BSC Information Technology- Distance Education                                     30


B.Sc. Dental Laboratory Sciences                                                            16

Bachelor of Nursing                                                                                12

B.Sc. Midwifery                                                                                      20

B.Sc. Occupational Therapy                                                                     16

B.Sc. Physiotherapy                                                                                16

B.Sc. Radiography                                                                                  16

B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Sciences                                                            12

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery                                                7

Bachelor of Dental Surgery                                                                       10

Bachelor of Pharmacy                                                                               8

B.Sc. Dietetics                                                                                         16


B.Sc. Administration City Campus

Bachelor of Laws                                                                                       7

Bachelor of Arts – City Campus

Bachelor of Fine Arts

B.Sc. Administration Fee-paying

B.Sc. Administration Regular                                                                      8

Bachelor of Arts – General Arts Background                                                17

Bachelor of Arts – Business/Science/Vocational Background                          12

Bachelor of Arts – Fee-paying


B.Sc. Mathematical Sciences                                                                       18

B.Sc. Family & Consumer Sciences                                                              24

B.Sc. Agriculture                                                                                        24

B.Sc. Biological Science                                                                              24

B.Sc. Earth Science                                                                                    18

B.Sc. Physical Sciences                                                                               24

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine                                                                      15

B.Sc. Engineering Sciences                                                                          14

B.Sc. Information Technology                                                                       15

When an applicant falls short in these cut-off points and their corresponding programs, then I am afraid his or her admission might be rejected. It is, therefore, necessary to check out your program and its corresponding cut-off point before applying for the program of interest.


The UEW admission window for applicants who wants to pursue a program opens between the month of March and September. The university begins to admit applicants a week or more after the admission window has been closed.

Furthermore, the university can also decide to open a second application for admission right after the first which usually happens between October and January. At this point, applicants who could not apply at these time intervals would have to wait for the next year’s application. The second admission which happens between October and January is not something that happens all the time. It is a second step taken by the university.


It is very necessary to check out your program and its corresponding cut-off point in other to be on the safer side during admission. This act boosts your confidence and assurance that you might be admitted since you have fulfilled all the requirements needed for successful admission. Make more inquiries from the person helping you out or call the UEW line on 0332322139 for more information before submitting your application forms.