Every year, the University of Education, Winneba UEW opens its admission window for persons who are interested to further their education. This admission window opens between the months of March and September. In other for application of admission, forms are provided for applicants to fill in their details. The UEW admission form is a document through which an applicant applies for admission. It is through the forms that applicants can register with their details, apply for a program of their choice, and also receive necessary information from the University through the information they provided.

The price of the UEW admission forms ranges from GH150-GH300 for every program you want to pursue depending on the decision made by the management board for the forms to be sold at a specific price. These price ranges have changed through the years and these are the price ranges the forms are sold at.

Applicants are therefore entreated to make more inquiries about the prices of the UEW admission forms before making an attempt to buy in other to avoid any form of deception from people disguising themselves to be selling these admission forms. There have been several cases and reports where applicants have been deceived into buying fake admission forms from persons disguising themselves to be salesmen of the forms.


There are several places that are legit carriers of salesmen of the UEW admission forms or people who have been certified by the University to sell the forms to people who would like to apply for admission at UEW. Buy the admission forms from places like;

  1. BANKS: Most of the time, the banks are the most advisable places to buy your admission forms since they are certified by the university to sell forms to persons who might be interested. Well, the banks are more of the safest place amongst other places.  GCB, Ecobank, Unibank, HFC Bank, Universal Merchant Bank, Prudential Bank, Zenith Bank, and ADB are the certified banks that sell UEW admission forms

2. POST OFFICE: If you can locate a post office in case the bank you visited tells you they don’t sell admission forms buy it from there but be sure that they are legit. The safety of purchasing the forms is very important since many get deceived by fraudsters.

NOTE: These two places can be the safest places to buy your forms but be sure that they are legit by making more inquiries or better still asking more questions to be sure that you are not buying from the wrong place.


As stated earlier the months between which the admission forms are available, there is a deadline for the sale of the forms. The best months to purchase the admission forms in other to avoid being left behind are the months between March and September. These months are safer and so I encourage any applicant wishing to apply for admission at UEW to take it upon himself and purchase the forms between these months.

The University of Education, Winneba can also choose to extend its application forms. This depends on the decision taken by the management board. It is however not certain that they will always extend the application forms that is why there is the need for applicants to purchase their admission forms as soon as possible to avoid any problems.


There are requirements before you apply for admission. Before you will head out to even buy the admission forms, check out the following to be sure that there is a guarantee your application will not go waste.

GRADES QUALIFICATION: Grades qualification is one of the most important requirements of the University. Every University in Ghana has a standard of grade every applicant should hit before they accept them into the University. Let me tell you how the University sees the grades. The staff working on the application forms do not know any applicant for sure. Your is the picture that speaks about you to the staff.  These are the grade requirements that are accepted by UEW.

WASSCE: Applicants who will be applying for admission with the WASSCE grade should have a minimum grade of C6 in six subjects. A selective of 3 from your core subjects and 3 from your elective subjects respectively.


Applicants who will be applying with ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels should have a minimum of grade 6 or better in 5 of their level subjects which include English, Math,s and Science/ Arts subject. They should also have 3 passes in their subjects which has one of the passes of at least grade D at their ‘A’ Level.


Applicants who will be applying for admission with their SSCE grade should have a minimum grade of aggregate 24. They should also obtain at least D(4) in six of their subjects.


University of Education, Winneba UEW has a way of making its applicants feel more relaxed when they open the admission window for applicants to apply for admission but this privilege shouldn’t be taken for granted. This is to say that buy your application forms soon enough to avoid any form of challenge. Be sure to make inquiries and also make sure the requirements before you head out to buy your admission forms are met. The best advice is to buy the admission forms at the outlined banks to be on the safer side.