The University of Education, Winneba UEW has been one of the great institutions in Ghana popular known to be providing quality education for its student and also training them to become responsible adults in the future. Specifically, UEW is known to be centered on training students to become good teachers.

As a way of keeping track of its student’s information and other valid requirements, the University has created a platform on the school’s website where students can easily access information such as payment of school fees, checking their results, and other necessary information.


There are several steps that a student has to follow in other to log into the UEW students portal. The following steps have been outlined to help you check your portal. Please follow it diligently.

  1. Visit the UEW website using this link
  2. Click on the ITS STUDENT PORTAL in the menu.
  3. Provide your INDEX NUMBER and your PIN in the spaces accordingly

The ITS students Portal is a very good platform it helps you keep your stuff personal. Well, at the end of the semester, students are tested in a form of an examination to know what they learned during the semester. After the exams, the results are released to each student’s portal. This makes things personal for students.

At first, the university had issues with the portal. Students could not access their results after the end-of-semester examination which became a worry to most students. You can see that it is stressful and heartbreaking to not see your results after having confidently provided answers accurately. However, the results were printed and posted on the notice board of every department. People who knew your index number could easily go and scan through to see your name and your attached results.

Complains came from students with pressure being mounted on the administration to see to it that the portal is fixed. The UEW ITS students Portal has finally been fixed and now students can check their results privately without any shame or stress.


At the beginning of every semester, students are made to register for their courses in the ITS students portal. This registration shows that a student is partaking in the courses he or she registered for during the registration process. Some students of the University of Education, Winneba find it difficult to register their courses in the ITS students portal. An outlined of steps to follow in other to get your courses registered in theITS students portal has been provided below:

  1. Visit the UEW school website.
  2. Click on the ITS STUDENTS PORTAL among the menu list.
  3. Provided your STUDENT NUMBER and your PIN to log into the UEW ITS STUDENTS PORTAL.
  4. Click on the 3 lines you see at the top right corner if you are using a mobile phone or tablet to display the menu list or if you are using a laptop the list will be on the left side after logging in to the portal.
  5. Navigate to STUDENT WEB and click REGISTRATION which will be among the list in the menu.
  6. After clicking on REGISTRATION, click on RULES AND REGULATIONS which should pop up after clicking on the REGISTRATION.
  7. Read the rules and regulations that pop up and click I accept.

Note that if you do not accept the rules and regulations, you will not be able to register for your courses. The message will appear any time to try to register unless you accept the rules and regulations.

8. After accepting the rules and regulations, tap on the SUBMIT REGISTRATION and then wait for a while for your courses to load.

9. Tick in the required courses you are to register for the semester without leaving any. If you have done so, visit the IT department in your department for corrections. If you do not know, ask someone for directions.

10. Scroll down and click on SAVE AND CONTINUE below.

11. Click on CONTINUE on the page that appears after clicking on SAVE AND CONTINUE.

12. Glance through to check if you have selected the courses you will offer this semester before clicking on ACCEPT REGISTRATION.

13. Download PROOF OF REGISTRATION to print out the registration which carries your registered courses.

14. Print out two copies, submit one to your department while keeping one for yourself.

NOTE: In some cases you must make the full payment of your school fees before they will accept the course registration.