The University of Education, Winneba UEW was established under PNDC law 322 in September 1992. UEW was initially a college of Education, which means that the NOW university was then a Teacher training. University of Education, Winneba UEW was known to be training teachers when it was first established. The management board under University Act on 14th May 2004 later changed it to operate as a full University.

As the name implies, The University of Education, Winneba UEW is located in a town called WINNEBA in the Central Region of Ghana. The name of the town is included in the name of the school because that is where it is located.

UEW has been one of the best universities in Ghana popularly known to be students to become responsible in the future. Well, the university was first known as a teacher training institution but later changed it to operate as a full university. Even though it is operating as a full university, UEW is still focused on training teachers. The reason is that most of the programs offered at UEW are focused on the teaching aspect.

This is the reason why the focus is still on training teachers. When you go through the programs offered at the University of Education, Winneba, you will notice that most of the programs offered at UEW have the word EDUCATION. This is because the university hasn’t shifted its focus as being a teacher training institution but rather added more programs to the ones they had which also generalizes the fact that that is how universities operate.


University of Education, Winneba UEW has 3 main campuses and these are the Winneba campus, Ajumako campus, and the Mampommg campus. The Winneba campus has been the main campus and has most of the buildings and students located there. The Mampong and the Ajumako campuses are also sub-campuses of the university.

UEW main campus which is located at Winneba has 3 sub-campuses which are the North, South, and Central campuses. The North campus holds the largest buildings and students because it has the biggest land. The University started at the South campus and was later moved to a bigger land for more facilities to be set up. That is the North campus has most of the students located there.

Moreover, the Administration among the three campuses of the main (Winneba) campus is located at the North campus.


As stated earlier in the first paragraph, UEW was established in September 1992 which was first a teacher training. The school spent 12 years being a teacher training institution. With a change of plans by the management board, the school was extended to being a full university.

It has been 18 years since the university changed from being a teacher training in 2004 to 2022 as I write this article. When we add the years it has spent for being an institution for students, the University of Education, Winneba UEW is 20 years old.

The university is entitled to give its students a better and quality education for them to become responsible adults in the future.


University of Education, Winneba is extending its wings of facilities, and these are all located at the North campus. This implies that the future of UEW is seen at the North campus since it holds most of its facilities. I believe that very soon the North campus will be UEW while the other campuses will be dissolved. All students will then be directed to the North campus where all UEW teaching and learning processes will be active. The university is old enough and still counting which will be there for more generations to come and enjoy the fruit it bears for its students.