When the pandemic broke there had to be a new strategy of which the university had to adapt to reach its students since the school had to close down. The deadly Covid-19 compelled every university in Ghana to close down and this was directed by the government to curb the spread of the virus.

The University of Education, Winneba came up with a strategy while at home to reach out to students to continue the teaching and learning process. The University introduced the Virtual Class (V-CLASS) which had to do with teachers and students still having an interaction like they are in class.


The UEW v-class involved photos, videos, and texts which made teaching and learning very simple. The Virtual class helped the university to catch up with the syllabus and also helped to curb the spread of the virus because the virus could only be transmitted by contact with an infected person.

It became like a normal classroom where an interaction goes on during the teaching and learning process. The IT department of the university designed a video conference where a teacher would make a video teaching while the students watch and listen to it.

Questions from students were asked through either text on the platform and also voice notes where a student would record his or her voice asking and question and posting it on the v-class platform.

Well, there were some complications at first when the v-class began. Due to the large population of UEW students which is about 85,000, the server on the v-class couldn’t be stable, and so more work needed to be done to improve the platform.

Mid-semester tests and End of semester examinations are taken on the v-class. It has really helped the university to catch up with what needs to be done in terms of teaching and learning.


Well, there were some complications as well for students who had no idea about what the v-class was about. In other to log into the UEW v-class, there are several steps you must take in other to successfully have your way to study on the platform. There have been some steps that have been outlined for students who do not know how to go about logging into the v-class. Follow the steps below to login;

  1. Visit the UEW website
  2. Click on the UEW LMS in the list of menus at the top website of see photo below

3. Click on any of the links according to your student status. (Regular, Sandwich, or Distance education students).

4. Fill in the spaces provided with your index number and password to log in.

Follow these steps if this is your first time logging into the v-class

  1. Type in your index number as the username and the same index number as your default password. This is for every student who is logging in for the first time.
  2. As soon as you log in, change your password to what suits you.
  3. Click on continue.

The above-outlined steps are ways to log into the UEW V-class.


After logging into the UEW v-class for the first time, every student needs to register for his or her courses in other to affirm the courses her or she will be taking for the semester. A dashboard where the list of the course you will register for will be displayed.

The dashboard which displays the list of courses you will register

In other to get access to the list, of course, you will do for the courses follow the steps below;

  1. Navigate to the search icon and click on it.
  2. Type in your course code and press search to search for the course.
  3. Select the course you would need to register and click on enroll

NOTE: A lecturer might decide that his or her student will need a key to enroll in the course. Go for your enrolment key and click on enroll me.


The virtual Class (V-class) was designed by the University of Education, Winneba UEW to aid in the teaching and learning processes. Of late the management board decided that the mid-semester exams will be taken on the virtual class. They also added that part of the end-of-semester examination should also be taken on the UEW v-class. This means that the v-class has become part of the university and it is necessary to know its operations.

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