In our daily lives, everyone wants the best out of what he does or what he wants. University of Education, Winneba UEW is considered one of the best universities in Ghana. There are several reasons why this is so and we will look at them.

Statistically speaking, UEW was ranked the 6th best university in Ghana and 3726 globally according to the RANKING WEB OF UNIVERSITIES (WEBOMETRICS). Well, UEW has been one of the best universities in Ghana which is known to be impacting students to become better adults in the future.

There are several reasons why a university becomes the best. Below are the reasons why a University of Education, Winneba UEW is considered one of  the best universities in Ghana


The University of Education Winneba shapes the moral uprightness of its students through discipline, hard work, and excellence. The university is known to be one of the universities which don’t allow its students to do whatever they like just because they are in the university. They make students understand the importance of building character and how it is going to affect their lives after they have completed their program in the school.

In capturing the hearts of the students to subdue to the will of the teachers, the teachers however are able to impact the students not only academically but also morally. There is a saying that “your excellence will take you but your character will bring you back”. Therefore it is important for every institution training students to become future leaders to focus more on bringing out morality and instill discipline in them. This will push them to carry the nation at heart and always focus on what is right which eradicates social vices in our societies.

The moral should be the main priority in our generation since social media is already having its way in the minds of students with its misinformation. In UEW, teachers sometimes prescribe the attire students should be wearing which is not common in most of our universities. This is because the university is mostly known to be training teachers and so there is the need to instill discipline in the students so as to impact the students when they go out to teach.

This is will generational which means that the impact will be going on from generation to generation.


Academic excellence is one of the reasons why the University of Education, Winneba UEW is among the best universities in Ghana. UEW is able to impact its students academically through teaching and learning. In UEW, when a teacher gives an assignment, you can afford not to partake in the assignment. You will definitely find yourself wanting. With strict invigilation during exams, there is an impossibility that a student will be cheating in an exam. This means what students provide during examinations is straight from what they have learned.

There is no room for examination malpractices in UEW. This contributes to the promotion of academic excellence since students realize that if they don’t learn they might not pass their exams which might result in repeating their level or a sacked by the school for poor performance. At this point, the university may interpret it as maybe the student does not want to get serious with his books because anyone who really wants to learn something seeks help.


One of the best reasons why UEW is among the best universities is the attitude of teachers towards teaching. The teachers in UEW have a sense of self-discipline which helps promote academic work and also instills academic excellence in students. Teachers in the University of Education, Winneba UEW is always there on time to provide students the knowledge they need during lecture hours.

They have patience in teaching taking time to explain to students what they are being taught. Questions that are directed to teachers are answered with a lot of wisdom which opens the minds of students to learn further on the topic taught.


Everyone university in Ghana needs better facilities to help in the teaching and learning processes. This is because there are tools and equipment which will be needed by teachers to demonstrate to students a piece of particular information he or she has been talking about at the lecture hall. Facilities are built to hold things necessary for teaching and learning activities.

The management of the University of Education, Winneba has taken it upon themselves to provide to teachers and students better facilities that facilitate the teaching and learning activities. Facilities such as hostels have been provided by the management board to give students where to lay their heads after a long day of work and stress.

This gives students refreshing minds to keep up with their academic work and improve on their learning capabilities which further results in academic excellence. These facilities provided by the school give room for a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning to take place with ease.


Through a disciplinary attitude instilled in students by the teachers, students in the University of Education, Winneba UEW are able to come up with a more refreshing joy during learning hours. Students tend to enjoy every bit of teaching and tend to learn quickly. This is because the university has already laid the foundation which makes teaching and learning more enjoyable.

Students are always there on time during lecture hours fully prepared with what they have studied in yesterday’s teaching. This makes teaching very easy since students involve themselves in what is being taught.

This also helps in providing academic excellence.


The University of Education, Winneba UEW through its excellence will become the best university in Ghana since it is day to day improving on what makes teaching and learning conducive and in the end, will provide academic excellence to its students. It is, therefore, necessary that the moral uprightness of students will be taken much more into account when ranking. UEW is an excellent school and will forever be impacting its students positively towards academic excellence.