Most students of the University of Education, Winneba UEW, especially the freshers after their first or second exams wonder how they accumulate their results and know their CGPA. Probably they have heard most of the continuing students talking about their CGPA and also would want to know how possible they can calculate and know their stand concerning their academic. There is a grading system that the management board of UEW has set out for teachers to follow when grading students after they have written exams.

It is very important to know your CGPA which stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. Below is the grading system for UEW.


80–100% A
75–79% B+
70-74% B
65-69% C+
60-64% C
55-59% D+
50-54 D
  0-49% E



In other to know the class you belong as you might have heard about there is a need for the accumulation of your CGPA to hit a certain point that has been accepted widely. Every university has its form of how they grade students. What makes UEW stand tall among these universities is how they grade their students.

The grading system of UEW will compel you to learn harder in other to achieve the set target the school has set.


Well, even though the classes of every university in Ghana are the same because these classes have been set by the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission GTEC and the grading point system of every university as I said earlier is different.

I heard that with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology  KNUST, A+ is between the scale of 100-75, and the failing scale which is the F is also between 0-35 which is different from what UEW has. When you check the table provided above you can see that the A+ mark is between 80-100 and the F mark is between 0-49 which is way too different from that of KNUST.

The presentation above shows how every university in Ghana has its own grading system which they follow to grade their students after they have written their exams. The calculation of your grade is what will amount to your CGPA which will also determine the class you belong to. From the above picture displayed, you can see that between 3.5 -4.0 is first-class whiles second class (Upper Division) is between 3.0-3.49. Furthermore, the Second class (Lower Division) is between 2.5-2.99 whiles the Third Class is 2.0-2.49. Pass and fail have the respective scale of 1.0-1.99 and less than 1.0. So the point which have being stated alongside your class is what is termed as the CGPA. The accumulation of the grades you had throughout your exams should amount to a specific point and this should fall between 4.0 to less than 1.0.



Every student should be able to calculate his or her CGPA. This is a very important aspect as a student because,

It helps you know your academic performance: When you are able to calculate your grading point, you will know whether you have to sit up and learn harder or you just have to feel reluctant towards studies. Every student can bear witness with me that there is a sense of self-respect, confidence, and good feeling when you amount to a high CGPA. You feel more like you are on top of the world if I should say if you are able to excel in your academics. Knowing your CPGA will give you a sense of good feeling about your academics or maybe it should tell you that you should sit up and do better because you will be left behind.


Well, you have to carefully follow an example I will be demonstrating to you how to calculate your grade point.

Let’s say you have the following grades in the following courses you offered with its respective credit hours you attended lectures.

Science- (3 credit hours) A

Maths- (4 credit hours) B+

English- (2 credit hours) B+

Agric- (3 credit hours) C+

From the stated Grade point,

A= 4.0

B+= 3.5

B+= 3.5

C+= 2.5

FOLLOW ME: In calculating your Grading point, you sum the numerical value of your grade and divide it by the total number of credit hours you attend lectures.

From the above, CGPA=[(3*4.0)+(4*3.5)+(2*3.5)+(3*2.75)] / (3+4+2+3)

=[(12.0)+(14.0)+(7.0)+(8.25)] / (12)
=(41.25) / (12)

Therfore, your CGPA is 3.43

3.43 falls under the Second Class (Upper Division) and this is a very good class. Students who fall under Second class (Upper Division) and mostly regarded by their peers and the university at large.

According to the UEW student portal, the calculation of the CGPA will already be shown in the portal but due to some circumstances, it is not shown in the portal currently. I believe the IT department of the university is working towards it.


It is very necessary for every student of UEW to know the grading system of the university and know how to relate to it. As shown above, know how to calculate your Cumulative Grade Point Average and it will help you know your academic performance and also help you to know your class.