Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial (AAMUSTED)  has been one of the great universities in Ghana. There have been several applicants seeking admission at AAMUSTED. The university opens its windows of admission. for people who are willing to pursue a program of their choice.

The Admission list for AAMUSTED comes two weeks after the closure of the application for admission. The university has to work on the applicants who successfully applied to pursue a program at the university.

At this point, applicants would have to exercise both patience and caution because there could be a situation of the announcement by the school and perhaps the admission could take longer than expected.

After the university has finished working on the application, a list of applicants who were successfully admitted is dropped for verification. This admission list that an applicant has been admitted by the school to pursue the program he or she chose while applying for the admission.


In other to check your admission list for AAMUSTED, you’d have to login into the school portal. The school has created a platform on its website where applicants will easily check their admission and verify to see if they have been admitted or not. The following steps must be followed to check your admission portal

  1. You must log in using this link AAMUSTED admission list

2. You then enter your applicant ID as said by the spaces provided when you login

3. Type in your first name or surname in the space provided

4. Tap on the login button below

4. Print your admission letter for your safety


Applying for admission at AAMUSTED is very simple. You just have to visit a place where the school’s voucher card is being sold. Places like the post office and banks are where the cards are being sold. After buying the voucher card I advise that you seek help at this time because many applicants make mistakes when applying for admission on their own.

The best thing you can also do as an applicant is to make more inquiries about how the admission is being done or how to go about it. Most especially your choice of program and the grade affiliated.

Many applicants make the mistake of not checking the program they have chosen and its affiliated grade point required to pursue the program chosen. Every university has its own specific grade point that an applicant should hit before being able to pursue the program he or she has chosen.

This is called the cut-off point. You must know that the program you have chosen has a certain target of grade you must hit before you can be allowed to pursue the program. For example, an applicant who wants to pursue law would be required to grade a grade of aggregate 6 before he or she can be allowed to pursue the law program. This example also applies to all programs.

Note that all programs have different grade requirements necessary for application for admission that is why I advise that you make more inquiries about the program you have chosen and its affiliated program in order to be free from the possibility that your admission will be rejected.


The admission list for AAMUSTED happens after the university has finished with its application for admission and has closed it. The school starts to admit applicants who followed all protocols by the school. Afterward, an admission list is released for applicants to verify if they have been admitted or not. It is important that applicants stay calm at the point of successfully applying for admission as the university works of the admission