UTAG officially calls off strike


The University Teachers Association of Ghana UTAG has officially called off its strike indefinitely following the outcome of the meeting with the government.

The Teacher Union embark on a strike because of the poor condition the government provides for University teachers. The UTAG made a decision on 10th January 2022 to resume its strike as it had already gone a strike and suspended it.

The National Labour Commission NLC secured an interlocutory injunction at the court which directed the Teacher Union to go back to the classroom if it wants to negotiate with the government.

The  UTAG refused to go back to the classroom which made the NLC drag the Teacher union to court. The court however ruled in favour of the National Labour Commission of which there was a directive to the UTAG to back to the classroom if it wants to negotiate with the government.

The UTAG released an official statement directing its members to go back to the classroom for a period of two weeks as its executives seek to negotiate with the government for a better condition of services for its members.

A meeting was scheduled by the government to meet the executives of the Teacher Union to negotiate on the condition of services and how to go about things in order to calm the UTAG. On the official statement released by the UTAG, it seems there is progress on the requirements of the Teacher Union, the official statement is below



1. The National Executive Committee of UTAG held an Emergency Meeting on Tuesday, gm March 2022, to among others, consider the outcome of the referenda on its decision to temporarily suspend the industrial action commenced on 10 January 2022. You may recall that the NEC of UTAG voted to temporarily suspend the strike action on Monday, 214 February 2022 to pave way for negotiations with the Employer to help meet some of the demands and address the concerns of UTAG.

2. In the ensuing referenda, twelve (12) out of the fifteen (15) UTAG branches voted to reject the call for the suspension of the strike action, signifying their lack of trust in the Employer’s commitment to addressing their concerns and, thus, their resolve to continue with the strike action until their demands were met.

3. Al the meeting the NEC of UTAG received reports from the various branches in relation to the branch meetings held on Friday, 4 March 2022. In general, the reports centered on the dissatisfaction of members with the arrangements put in place to address their demands. In this regard, the NEC of UTAG will endeavour to ensure that all concerns raised by members are reflected in whatever agreement to be signed between the Employer and UTAG

4. Notwithstanding the concerns raised members also considered the interventions of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Education and the eminent persons which led to the temporary suspension of the strike action, in accepting the proposals

5. Once again, the NEC of UTAG reiterates its awareness of the level of disappointment and dissatisfaction of members on the proposals to deal with the demands of members. However, the NEC of UTAG appeals to members to remain calm and accept these proposals as interim measures, as it works to ensure that they remain as such and ends in December 2022

6. The NEC of UTAG promises to monitor and police the full implementation of all agreements with the Employer and to work with clear timelines and roadmaps to ensure that all promises and agreements are respected.

There would no longer be reactionary measures but proactive interventions that would not wait till matters get out of hand before resorting to industrial actions.