Another Ghanaian Slây Qveen [email protected] Her Hæ.vy Botoz In Public (Video)


For the past 6 months now, social media ladies have been releasing s3ductlve videos. These videos keep hitting the social media platforms because the audience or followers seems to like such Videos.

From the likes of Hajia Bintu, Sheena Gapke, repented Moesha Buduong and other celebs as we call them trended with such videos.

Young ladies who saw this trend wanted to implement same strategy to trend because it has become the easiest way to become a social media star nowadays.

A young lady has been trending for some time now following a video she released which has gone viral.

In the video, the young lady was seen displaying her h3av.y bøtoz to her fans and perhaps continued to tw3r.k.

This has caused many mixed reactions on her TikTok and Instagram pages because it seems some of her fans like the video and others do not

Watch video below