Every university in Ghana has a period of time where they open the window for interested persons who want to further their education to apply for admission. Also, every university has its own time on releasing admission forms. Well, here we are wanting to discuss AAMUSTED’s deadline for admission forms.

The deadline for AAMUSTED admission forms happens to be on the 30th of June. At this time all applications for admission are no longer accepted and leftover forms are sent back to the school.

In some cases, the management of the university can decide to extend the deadline for application of admission at AAMUSTED. This is when they see that the leftover application forms are many and there are other spaces left to be occupied by applicants as students. The management considers this as an opportunity for applicants who could not decide early on whether to apply for AAMUSTED or not.

That is why it is necessary to apply early in other to avoid any troubles because there is no guarantee that the period of time given to applicants to apply for admission when the admission forms are released will be extended. As I said, this is a consideration by the management to applicants when it has so.


Well, applying for admission at AAMUSTED is very simple and you just need to follow the guidelines below. A lot of applicants find it difficult when applying for admission at AAMUSTED. From locating where to buy the admission forms to filling in the necessary details when applying, I will say it’s a bit hectic but easy when you know what to do.

There is a possibility that most applicants do know not what to do when they want to apply for admission since it’s their first time doing so. To begin with the guidelines, you should know that all admission forms are sold at either the bank or the Ghana Post (Post Office).


All admissions forms are sold at two places and they are the Post Office as we all know and the banks. These two places are the approved and authorized places where admission forms are being sold out to persons who are interested to further their education with a degree or a diploma from the school.

It is very necessary to know because there have been several complaints where applicants are being duped of their money in the naming of purchasing an admission form. In my personal experience, I would advise that all admission forms will be bought at the bank since they are the safest places you can buy them. The complaints which came were from applicants who wanted to buy from the post office but fell in the wrong hands.


After buying the admission forms, there is the need to provide the necessary information the school wants from you as an applicant. The school does not know you so in other to know you, you have to fill out the forms with your details so that the school will recognize you. You should note that the information you provide to the school is what will be on your certificate at the time of your completion. If you provide some wrong information, it will haunt you in the future, or better still, it might destroy your certificate.

This is to say that you should be careful when filling out your admission forms. I will advise that you seek help from people who have experience in these areas. To be on the safer side, fill out the forms with caution so as to avoid your admission being rejected by the school because you made a mistake while in the process of applying.

One another thing you should know is that every program you choose to pursue has its cut-off point. This is one of the mistakes most applicants do when applying for admission. Every program has its affiliated cut-off point and so you take notice of the program you have chosen and see if your result matches with it.

Before you choose a program to pursue, you must know the cut-off point of the program. This will save you when applying because the cut-off point is one of the necessary requirements of every applicant.


The deadline For AAMUSTED admission forms can change anytime depending on the decision made by the management board but that is not guaranteed. It is very important to apply for admission early in other to avoid any troubles and also to be on the safer side. After you have bought your admission forms, fill them out will caution so as to avoid your application form being rejected by the school. Remember that every program you choose has its cut-off point and so it is very necessary to know them.