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SRC P.R.O writes on the ITS student Portal

The SRC President Felix Donkor together with some SRC executives are currently compiling all letters received from various departments on challenges they are facing with regards to their semester results in the ITS students portal.

The unfortunate incident is that most departments are not cooperating to provide the needed exhibits as proof to back the claims we have advanced to Management.

The SRC executives are very much particular about these results’ issues and are not relenting in any way. With the little information gathered, we are working assiduously throughout the night to meet Management tomorrow.

There has already been a bold letter stoping students from writing resit and supplementary exams and the SRC would do everything humanly possible to have a positive outcome.

Changing the phase of the UEW SRC by #showingworking


Shadrach Appiah


  1. I’m a level 200 student. During my level hundred first semester registration, some of us had an i-enabler problem. That is, when we accessed our portals to register our courses, nothing appeared. The only thing we saw was i-enabler. I had paid my fees in full but there was i-enabler in my portal. I went to every place I could think of but there was no help. We went to our secretariat and they said it was a general problem and they would fix it but they didn’t for that semester. At our level 100 hundred 2nd semester, during the vacation period by grace, the results of one of our courses was uploaded manually for us. But the remainders have not been uploaded. We couldn’t register but it wasn’t our fault because we paid or fees and the i-enabler did give us access. Please you’ve all done well buy manually uploading the results of one course for us but we need the rest too because we’re getting worried.

  2. The results of one course was uploaded manually for us during the level 100 second semester rather not level 200.

  3. Thanks you so much, we are really grateful for your hard working, students will be very much excited when all their results are intact in the it portal.

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