Uew SRC P.R.O writes from Ejisu (GNAT village)


The UEW delegation for the 56th annual NUGS arrived safely on Wednesday 30th March,2022. Activities embarked on so far have been overly successful hence we look forward to a peaceful Congress as voting will commence soon.

The SRC executives have done so well in marketing aspirants from UEW since they showed interest and we have intensified that upon arriving at the congress.

See below aspirants and their contesting portfolios

Aziz Asana Imoro – General Secretary
Ransford Tege – Secretary for Education
Emmanuel K. Badu (Alumnus)- Secretary for Societies and welfare

We seek your unflinching support and prayers in spirit so victory will be harnessed to help lift high above, the banner of UEW.

In addition, we have UEW students partaking in the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) annual Athletics competition at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium. We wish them well.

Detailed updates from both events would be given later.

Thank you!

Shadrach Appiah