Actress Sheena Gapke breaks the internet with a tw3r.k as she celebrates her birthday ( VIDEO)


Sheena Gapke has been in the news for some time now following how God has blessed her with a h3av.y backside. The videos which she has been releasing keep turning heads on social media.

Frankly speaking, the actress is well endowed naturally and you know in Ghana the most spoken about aside from entertainment news is the backside of ladies.

From the likes of Hajia Bintu who has now been bagging ambassadorial deals to actress Kisa Gbleke who is also slaying with her new b0dy, she has acquired over the months.

Well, Sheena Gapke is naturally endowed with an h3av.y bøtoz and this has been the most talked about on social media.

As the actress celebrates her birthday today, she was seen in a video posted by Radio Presenter, Andy Dosty on his Facebook page tw3.rklng happily.