Abena Korkor does it again, drops another ñ@kéd video of herself on social media


Abena Korkor has dropped another ń@k3d bèdroom video of herself as she educates people on her uniqueness and why people should let her be.


In her video, she made it clear that no two humans can be the same, that is the more reason why she allows people to express their negative concerns about her bipolar disorder and lifestyle.

Abena was emotional at some point in her audio-visual post on Instagram.

Below is what Korkor stated…

People need to understand that we were all born different, the next person cannot be like you and you cannot be like the next person.

This is how I would like to express myself, people who want to come and comment hatred can come and comment, those who see the art in it can come and comment for arts and let me be just as I am letting you be to write your nonsense and nothing you know of me.

My life is my own to live and it’s a beautiful one so far and I wouldn’t take any part of it away, I love me, I love myself, I love Abena Korkor”

Watch Abena Korkor video below.


Source: Kingsmotiongh.com