Popular TikTok star Bhadie Kelly alleged ѕ3χ[email protected] [email protected] online [Watch]


Togolese lady, Bhadie Kelly, who took news portals a few weeks ago is back on the news but because of a different reason this time around.

Bhadie Kelly became a viral sensation on the internet when her dance video started getting amazing views on TikTok.

After her videos went viral, she has become the talk of the town on social media with several guys sharing her videos and making fl!rty comments on the thread.

In a few months after signing up on the social media platform, she got the attention of thousands; both admirers and people who 3nvy  her sudden shot to fame.

While some people love her because of her beautiful face and stature, some others admire her for her love for shoes and fashion.

Kelly Bhadie TikTok, is back on the news but because of a wrong reason this time around.

Although the trending video does not accurately confirm the identity of Kelly, netizens are divided.

While some think it could be Kelly, others assert that it was probably a different person in the video.

Of course, we’re NOT going to post the EXTREMELY video here , but it’s out there on our Telegram channel if you’re willing to look for it.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been having a field day with the footage as Bhadie Kelly trends worldwide.


Source: Atinkanews.com