Mr Drew [email protected] Stir on Social Media After Grinding S3fa wildly During Stage Performance (Video)


Mr Drew has broken the internet after a video popped up with him wildly grinding songstress S3fa on stage while they were performing .

The Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology held a program of which Mr Drew and S3fa were performing artists.

During the performance, Mr Drew was seen grinding S3fa wildly as she softly tw3rked for him.

Mr Drew on the other hand was seen holding S3fa by her dress as she grinds her like someone ready to do the do.

Fans were very excited as the display by both artists caused the atmosphere to change to another entertaining level.

There are a lot reactions as netizens took to their respective social media handles to either praise or criticize as they always do.

Some netizens applauded the artists for a specular performance while others have backslashed the artists for such a [email protected] motivated performance.

Watch the video below

Watch the video here