Wendy Shay [email protected] stir on social media with her wild tw3rk as she performs “[email protected] your [email protected]$t” (Video)


Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay had thrilled has during her performance at musical festival held in Nungua named the “Kpookeke July in Nungua Concert”.

The festival had the likes of some top performing artists including Stonebwoy, Shasta Wale and Wendy Shay as well.

Wendy Shay thrilled fans during her performance with a w!lid tw3rk which came along with her br3ak your [email protected] song.

Wendy Shay’s has been one of the coolest songs making waves in the country with a lot people especially females jamming to it.

In the video the songstress was seen doing her normal duties when performing on stage. She tw3rked her heart out with her song.

Fan were seen happily jamming to the song with a lot of vibes along.

Watch the video below