She Can R!de oo; [email protected] Video Of SHS Students Trends on Social Media


The [email protected] video of 3 Senior High School Students has been trending on social media since yesterday.

It is always sad to hear some of these stories but yet it happens most times. SHS students who are the future of another generation are mess!ng around with their lives.

Well, a [email protected] video displaying 3 male students and a female has been trending which has sparked a debate on social media about what influences young boys are girls who should spend their time learning to indulge in some of these abominable acts.

There are a lot of influences but most netizens sided with the fact that the social media has become a full tool which influences the lives of young people who rely on it.

It is important to educate these young people on the use of social media rather than leaving them to be.

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